ELP Digest Dinner

As reported by Maureen Hanrahan

As many of you know, a bunch of us got together when John Arnold, our fearless leader, was in Santa Clara, CA, for a Microsoft conference. After all that brain drain, he was more than ready to join us for a bit of rowdiness.

The original plan was to get Digest readers in the Silicon Valley area together to meet. Well, things got a little carried away: there were also attendees from Fresno, Los Angeles (more or less), and Bullhead City, AZ. What some fans will do...

Well, we all finally managed to get together at the Tied House in Mountain View. A wonderful place, really: the food was good, the beer was good, the company was good (oh, yeah, we provided that!), and they didn't throw us out, even though four of us hung around for quite some time after dinner on a busy Friday night.

How we all managed (or didn't manage) to get there is a whole 'nother story; maybe for another page...

Anyway, the attendees were these:

My sister brought her digital camera along, and great hilarity ensued as shots were snapped all round (well, mostly all round; a certain notable is conspicuously absent).

And here most of us are, going counterclock-wise around the table:

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Updated:    01/02/12