ELP Digest         Vol. 22 #03
                  02 November 2012

The "Three Fates" Edition
   * incorporating the Keith Emerson Birthday Edition
   * and the ELP Digest Anniversary Edition - it's our 21st birthday!


Editor's Note:

I hope that any of you who have been affected by 'Superstorm Sandy' are safe and sound. My thoughts are with you.

Happy Birthday, Keith Emerson! And thanks to the many of you who have subscribed to and contributed to the ELP Digest for 21 years! Wow!

You'll also notice that it's been a long time between Digests. (Too typical, I know.) As I have struggled to balance all of my personal commitments, I continue to experiment with ways to keep ELP fans connected and, so far, am not succeeding as well as I hoped.

So, I am going to try a new approach. I have confirmed that you do NOT need to be a member of Facebook to access Facebook pages. So, what I am going to do is continue to post the 'highlights' of ELP activity (and continue to rely on others who share or post ELP news on that page). Then, in the Digest, I will try to summarize the most important news there and will let people visit that page to get the details. This seems to reduce redundant work on my part while solving the problem we've had with Google Groups where some people just didn't want to need to create a Google account.

And, I will continue to let people send news to the elp-digest@reluctant.com email address if they don't have a Facebook account and I will post that info on his/her behalf.

So, enough of that. The page is https://wwww.facebook.com/ELP.channel - Just close the dialog box that pops up asking if you want to join Facebook if you're not a member and you'll be able to see the whole page, click on the links, etc.

Please bookmark and visit it in between Digests. I will try to summarize the most important news in emailed Digests. And, please send along suggestions for how to improve this if I haven't addressed something that's important to you.


Anyway... included below is a press release I received from Razor and Tie records about the re-release of the first album and Tarkus with new surround sound mixes (and a little newly unearthed material). I haven't heard them yet but it sounds interesting.

So, here are the highlights:

Again, for details and news between Digests, please visit the ELP Digest page on Facebook (that has been christened the ELP Channel) at:


Let's hope THIS experiment works!

Till next time.

- John -


From: Bob Hoch (Razor and Tie)
Subject: ELP and Tarkus Deluxe Editions Coming with 5.1 Surround Sound


Albums To Include New 5.1 And Stereo Mixes

Both Albums To Be Released On Limited Edition 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

Special ELP Merchandise Pre-order Bundles Now Available Now At http://elp.merchnow.com

The Emerson, Lake & Palmer 40th Anniversary Concert To Exclusively Premiere On AXS TV This August

(New York, NY) - Razor & Tie is set to release the first two Emerson, Lake & Palmer re-issues of the band's first two albums: Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970 - Studio Album) and Tarkus (1971 - Studio Album) on September 11th. Both records will be available as 3-disc deluxe editions containing never before released 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo Mixes, including previously unheard out-takes. Three time Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Steven Wilson (who has also recently remixed classic albums by Jethro Tull and King Crimson for acclaimed 40th anniversary editions) worked from the original Greg Lake produced multi-track tapes to remix both albums.

Fans can also purchase Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Tarkus deluxe editions at http://elp.merchnow.com/ where the albums will be bundled with a variety of ELP t-shirts perfect for any collector. Pre-orders are available now for the deluxe albums, vinyl re-presses and a selection of Emerson, Lake & Palmer t-shirts.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Tarkus will also be released on limited edition 180 gram audiophile vinyl. The records will be re-pressed and released with their original packaging and track listings. The vinyl re-presses will be available September 11th as well.

Both albums will also be digitally, specifically mastered for iTunes by Grammy-award winning engineer Brad Blackwood (Alison Krauss & Union Station, Maroon 5, North Mississippi Allstars, Saving Abel).

AXS TV will also exclusively premiere the Emerson, Lake & Palmer 40th Anniversary concert this August. The legendary Rock Band reunited to celebrate their 40th Anniversary and headlined London's first High Voltage Rock Festival. This was the historic moment when Emerson Lake and Palmer performed for the first time since 1998. This spectacular performance with extravagant special effects and lighting recaptured the magic and musical genius of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer as they performed their greatest hits in front of thousands of fans and leaving a lasting memory of the stunning musicianship of these three legendary performers.

Razor & Tie's full catalogue re-issue campaign will continue with the release of newly expanded, re-mastered, editions of four additional ELP classic albums: Pictures At An Art Exhibition (1971- Live Album), Trilogy (1972- Studio Album), Brain Salad Surgery (1973- Studio Album), and Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies & Gentlemen (1974- Live Album).

Considered by many to be one of rock's original first super-groups, Emerson Lake & Palmer formed in England in 1970 consisting of Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (bass guitar, vocals, guitar) and Carl Palmer (drums, percussion). The band created a brand new world of music, combining classical and symphonic rock fused with beautiful vocals. Their penchant for appropriating themes from classical music and the group's more nuanced, textured approach to symphonic arrangements set ELP apart from their more bombastic guitar-based contemporaries of the time. This subtler and more sublime approach carries on today in the expansive atmospherics of Radiohead and Muse and also in the prog-influenced sphere of band's like Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre, Opeth and many others, making ELP one of the more relevant torchbearers of the progressive rock sound. Along with Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, and Rush, Emerson Lake and Palmer ushered in the Prog era and as one of the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1970's having sold over 40 million albums. ELP's dramatic flair, sincere passion, labyrinthine song structures, and symphony-worthy virtuosity proved that classical rockers could compete for arena-scale audiences as the band headlined stadium tours around the world.