ELP Digest       Vol. 24 #01
                02 April 2015

The (South) "America" Edition
 * incorporating the belated Carl Palmer 65th Birthday edition

This issue's headlines:

 * Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Once Upon A Time In South America"
  4 Disc Set - Now Available!
 * Record Collector Rare Vinyl Series Presents... KEITH EMERSON TRIO
* Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy 2015 European Tour is under way!

Editor's Note:


I missed Carl Palmer's 65th birthday a few weeks ago. So, happy belated birthday, Carl! Thanks for all the music, performances, and memories!

After a bit of a dry spell, there's been some activity with ELP-related releases recently. So, that seemed like a good reason to send out an ELP Digest...

Hope all is well with you and yours...

Got this in the email from Rockbeat Records (the company that currently has the rights to previously unreleased live ELP content)...

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Once Upon A Time In South America"
4 Disc Set - Now Available!

Emerson Lake and Palmer's 1993 saw close to a year of almost non-stop touring, the band's first shows ever in South America and in 1997 their final tour of the region. Once Upon A Time In South America documents 3 of ELP's historical shows two from 1993 the first in Santiago, Chile and the final show of the tour at Obras Sanitarias in Buenos Aires, Argentina. To round out this 4 disc collection is a stunning ELP performance from Rio de Janeiro during their 1997 return and final trip to South America.

"Once Upon A Time In South America" 4 disc set is also now available for pre-order in the following countries!


[ Editor's note: Also, since one of these shows was 22 years ago this week, Rockbeat is making a track available for free download. It sounds great! Love hearing the crowd sing along with the chorus! ]

22 years ago today on April 1, 1993 ELP performed at the Estadio Chile in Santiago, Chile. Enjoy this free sample of Lucky Man from the show available on RockBeat Records "Once Upon A Time In South America" http://bit.ly/1NKdIyW

And, no April Fool's joke - I've personally confirmed that.... but there's a limited edition vinyl release of "The Keith Emerson Trio" from 1963!!!

From Record Collector Magazine: Keith Emerson recording from 1963!

"Record Collector are proud to issue the first ever recordings of legendary keyboard wizard Keith Emerson. Back in 1963 in the front room of his parent's council house in Woking, Emerson recorded a number of jazz songs with his trio on a reel-to-reel recorder and then could only afford to get 4 acetates cut. One was given to each member of the band and there was one spare copy used to try to get gigs. This spare copy turned up at a boot sale last year and was bought by a Record Collector reader who got in touch with Ian Shirley who helms our rare vinyl series. Through a series of fortunate events a couple of weeks later Ian Shirley was sitting down with Keith Emerson to agree the release of these historic recordings. Reproduced to the same specifications as the original 10" acetate you can now get an amazing look into the genesis of one of the world's greatest keyboard players as he runs through some great jazz standards by the likes of Hank Mobley, Oliver Nelson as well as 57 Blues composed by Emerson himself and named after the house number where the recordings were made. This is vinyl heaven, British Jazz, a legendary prog-rocker and a mega rarity never heard before.... "

The first recording by one of the giants of 70s rock music has never been available - until now. Our exclusive 10" release by The Keith Emerson Trio is out now.

Here's a taster of the Record Collector article: http://recordcollectormag.com/articles/birth-of-a-legend

And you can buy it here: http://shop.recordcollectormag.com/product/VINKEITH/buy-keith-emerson-trio-rare-vinyl-lp

Or listen to some music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yvteDuEMZ0

And Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy is currently touring Europe.

As always, all the tour dates are available at: http://carlpalmer.com/tourdates.php

This page also has details about Carl's festival appearances that have been announced:

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