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Here are some ELP-related photos submitted by ELP Fans. Thanks to all for sharing your photos with us. If you'd like to consider contributing some photos, please contact the ELP Digest editor for details. (Please contact before sending large batches of photos so you don't overburden the Inbox.)


Photos from Greg Lake's 2005 UK tour - Autumn/Winter 2005.
(Thanks to Lee Millward!!) 02/12/2006
Photos from The Nice tour - October 2003.
(Thanks, Andy!)
Photos from Carl Palmer Drum Clinic - September 2003. (Thanks to Ed Burke!)  
Photos from The Nice show - Glasgow, October 2002.
(Thanks to Jim McManus!)
ELP License plate from Australia.
Thanks, Mike! (187kb)
  LicensePlateLeVoi.jpg (191503 bytes)
Sign for a Carl Palmer show in the Netherlands (2002). Thanks, Hans! (85kb)   flyercarlpalmer.jpg (87269 bytes)

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