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Carl Palmer, born on March 20, 1950, had commenced drum studies at the age of 11, and classical discipline came early. At 15, he joined the Motown-styled King Bees, and two years later joined Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds, developing a style combining tremendous speed, energy, and dazzling techniques.

Carl became a member of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown at the peak of their popularity. Returning from an 18-month American tour, Carl and Crazy World organist Vincent Crane split to form Atomic Rooster. Musically akin to The Nice, Atomic Rooster was Palmer's first real success as a band founder, and it took some persuading from Greg to convince 20-year-old Carl to leave the band and cement the ELP lineup in 1970.

From the The Return of the Manticore liner notes. Contributed by Mo Hanrahan,


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Illustrations: Linda J. McGuire

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Updated: 01/02/12